Myth no. 2: Juices “made from concentrate” are full of artificial ingredients



Most consumers know very little about how the groceries they put in their shopping carts are actually made. Their purchase decisions are based on other considerations like budget, meal plan, taste, health, ingredients, and information about food. That’s perfectly normal. However, this lack of understanding often leads to misconceptions.

Many people think that juices from concentrate are “not natural.” Only those not from concentrate find favour in their eyes. However, the reality is that there is no nutritional difference between these two categories of 100% juice.

The label “not from concentrate” applies to juices produced with pressed fruit and no other processing. To obtain a concentrate, you need to extract the water from the juice. The reason for that next step is simply to make storage easier and reduce the cost of transportation. Pineapples, mangos and even peaches don’t grow in northern climes! So once the concentrate reaches its destination the water is added back. Both types of juice are pasteurized before being bottled.

Whether they are made from concentrate or not, 100% juice or juice blends contain nothing artificial.

Some people think a blend of juices is less “natural” than a single flavour. That’s another misconception.

Blends are actually designed to boost the nutritional value of juice. Every fruit contains certain nutrients not found in other fruits, so blending juice to create a variety of mouth-watering flavours offers greater health benefits.