Water is an essential element in the manufacture of our products. We take all necessary measures to manage our consumption responsibly, including appropriate technology choices and water reduction programs.

The need for water will continue to grow in the coming decades, placing increased pressure on demand.

The quantity and quality of this crucial natural resource is a key issue for the entire world in the 21st century. We’re well aware of this in our industry. As a North American leader in the manufacture and marketing of foodstuffs, we rely on water as an essential ingredient in our products. That consumption can tax available reserves of water.

At Lassonde, we do everything in our power to ensure that this precious collective resource is used in a responsible and efficient way. We work ceaselessly to limit our water consumption and improve the quality of the water we release into the environment by optimizing our processes and making wise technological choices.

To know more about our ongoing efforts to reduce water consumption, read our 2017 Sustainable Development Report.